Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why Pacific Pioneer Real Estate works by Referral....

Satisfied Pacific Pioneer Real Estate Customers
Relationships are vital to our business.

Pacific Pioneer Real Estate strives to provide exceptional customer service and life long relationships.  We strive to provide an exemplary experience that you brag to your friends and family about regularly.  

We recognize that many Oregonians are still struggling with owning more on their homes than they may currently be worth.  However with the recent spike in the Oregon Real Estate industry and Sandy Oregon specifically many families are now in a position to make a great move.  

Working by referral allows for a higher level of trust and support because you know our clients.  Many of our past clients refer multiple friends, family members and co-workers because they are so happy with their experience at Pacific Pioneer Real Estate.  

If you have lived in Sandy Oregon long chances are that you went to school with one of our Real Estate professionals or someone in their family.  It's important that our clients know that we aren't going anywhere.  We love Sandy Oregon and the small town feel that comes with it.  

However if you have been thinking about moving to Sandy Oregon, we can be a fountain of information.  Begin your search about Sandy Oregon at the Pacific Pioneer Moving Guide for Sandy Oregon.  

For more information or just to have coffee and talk about your options just contact the Pacific Pioneer Real Estate office at 503-668-4994.

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